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Alia BrightmaneThough I can't confirm in what capacity, or how seriously it's gonna be, the dwarfcow is totally considering a return. A return return return. I've kinda had to return a lot. But yes! This is a thing.
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LockonWorld of Warcraft recently sent this picture to Wildstar.
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Moximus   The unfortunate lesson that will be taken from this by suits is, "Hey! You can still make money on WoW clones! Make some more WoW clones, slaves!"
Lockon   And WoW will go. "Alright, shopping time!" and steal all the features that are good.
Novina   And Lockon is still pretending that he doesn't mess with Wildstar on the low, like a tried and true booty call.
Daenalaia StormbringerI feel bad making such a huge post. I don't write often enough, I guess that's why! Sorry!
SinsolariaAdded a some recurring RP events in WoW to the site calendar. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me here or in-game! ^_^
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Sinsolaria   Shaw! Did you see that campfires are targeted now? XD You can finally choose where to place them!
Moximus   Ten years later! I still trust Shaw's laser-focused campfire placement over any targeting circle.
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